EUROGUIDANCE Centre Flanders (BE)

The Flemish EUROGUIDANCE centre was established in 1993. The EUROGUIDANCE network exists to promote mobility and to develop the European dimension in guidance.

There are EUROGUIDANCE centres in all the EU/EEA and pre-accession countries, and also in Switzerland.

The aim is to provide the target groups with information on:

• educational and training opportunities

• living conditions, linked to financial provisions

• language training opportunities

• in other European countries.

If you live in Europe and are looking for opportunities in Flanders, you can best contact your local guidance counsellor, who will contact us through the EUROGUIDANCE centre in your country, which can be found at the following website:

Information on studying and working in Flanders:

If you plan on studying in Flanders, there is a vast range of schools and universities to choose from. Many educational institutions also organise courses in other languages such as English and French.

- Education and training in Flanders
- International programmes in English in Flanders
- Ploteus portal on learning opportunities in the EU
- The labourmarket in Flanders
- Information for guidance counsellors and teachers
- Disclaimer

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