Information for guidance counsellors on the European and international dimension in Guidance: European projects on guidance and mobility.

The Erasmus+ website for dissemination and exploitation of results.

Here you can find project information and results of all projects supported by the European Commission under the integrated Erasmus+ Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport.


The ADAM (Advanced Data and Archiving Managementsystem) database is for current Leonardo promoters to showcase their projects, and for anyone who wants to view the innovative project work funded by the Leonardo programme.
Explore ADAM to get a good picture of the many innovative products and results produced by projects under the Leonardo programme.

EuroApprenticeship network - Europe-wide web platform for supporting the mobility of apprentices

Euroapprenticeship is a project aiming at building and developing a network of competent bodies and intermediary organisations which provides expertise, information, help and support to any learning mobility project promoted by Vocational Education and Training providers, for the benefit of skilled crafts companies and of apprentices.


Guidenet offers the UK Guidance community an opportunity to network and establish links with a wide range of guidance and education organisations throughout the EU, EEA and pre-accession countries.

The Guidenet project will establish a transnational network of expertise to gather together guidance initiatives, evaluate and comment upon them and to disseminate them as widely as possible within the guidance communities in Europe. That there is a need for such a network can be demonstrated by the interest shown in practice and developments in other countries by policy makers and practitioners in Europe. The primary target groups for Guidenet are guidance counsellors, guidance organisations, policy makers and other actors in the guidance field at all levels nationally and transnationally.


European exchange program for vocational-guidance counsellors

Ariadne: Guidelines for web-based guidance

Ariadne is a trans-national project which aims to examine, evaluate and structure the underlying assumptions for Internet-based guidance tools. The main result is a a set of guidelines highlighting the most important arguments and theories used in guidance and counselling as Internet-based guidance tools should reflect them.

In addition, the guidelines is accompanied by a training model for professionals. The project specially envisages a dissemination programme in order to increase the awareness for this kind of tools and to support the national and international development in the area.


The aim of the project is to develop a practice-oriented, interactive online tool that helps educational and vocational counsellors to identify high-quality counselling. In addition it aims to facilitate an assessment of their own counselling services and an improvement of required competences.


The pilot project focuses on ICT-professions as this is one of the sectors where the required knowledge, skills and competences permanently change, for example due to technical innovations. In such a sector a regularly updated dynamic onlinetool is of great advantage and is also a novelty above the internationally existing guidance information tools. Not only it enables to offer to-the-day updated information for guidance counsellors and clients; it also offers an information to ICT-companies about what knowledge, skills and competences their competition requires


In most European countries dropping out from education and training is a major issue. Young people lacking proper qualifications and exams have difficulties finding stable jobs and the risk of unemployment, especially long-term unemployment, is much higher among this group. Therefore education and training institutions need to develop methods of supporting the young people in a way that helps them to remain in education and to carry out their educational and vocational plans.

Third age guidance: Developing and testing models of labour market guidance suitable to the needs of older people

This is the multi-lingual site of a European partnership which aims to meet the needs of vocational guidance advisors, counsellors and all others who support older people who wish to enter, stay in or change their position in employment.