Information for guidance counsellors on the European and international dimension in Guidance.
Relevant networks, organisation and fora on European and international level.


The Euroguidance network is a network of centres linking together the Careers Guidance systems in Europe.

Euroguidance promotes mobility, helping guidance counsellors and individuals to better understand the opportunities available to European citizens throughout Europe.



The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services for the benefit of workers and employers as well as any citizen wishing to benefit from the principle of the free movement of persons.

Set up in 1993, EURES is a co-operation network between the European Commission and the Public Employment Services of the EEA Member States (The EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and other partner organisations. Switzerland also takes part in EURES co-operation. The joint resources of the EURES member and partner organisations provide a solid basis for the EURES network to offer high quality services for both workers and employers.


Eurodesk is a European network of information services in 31 countries providing a unique access to European information for young people and those who work with them. This section gives information about: who is involved with the network, - national Eurodesk partners; - local Eurodesk relays; - Eurodesk Brussels Link; what are the services offered - a range of public European information services at national and local levels; how you can access the services - on-line - on-site


EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a one-stop shop for researchers seeking to advance their careers and personal development by moving to other countries. In addition to the information on training and jobs, this electronic gateway is the entry point to a wealth of practical information on living, working and relaxing in the European countries involved.

The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network

aims to assist the European Union Member States and the Commission in moving European cooperation on lifelong guidance forward in both the education and the employment sectors. The purpose is to promote cooperation at Member State level on lifelong guidance and to propose appropriate structures and support mechanisms in implementing the priorities identified in the Resolution on Lifelong Guidance (2004). The ELGPN was established by the Member States and the Commission has foreseen to support the activities of the network in 2007-2008 under the Lifelong Learning Programme. Visit the ELGPN site


Guidenet offers the UK Guidance community an opportunity to network and establish links with a wide range of guidance and education organisations throughout the EU, EEA and pre-accession countries.

The Guidenet project will establish a transnational network of expertise to gather together guidance initiatives, evaluate and comment upon them and to disseminate them as widely as possible within the guidance communities in Europe. That there is a need for such a network can be demonstrated by the interest shown in practice and developments in other countries by policy makers and practitioners in Europe. The primary target groups for Guidenet are guidance counsellors, guidance organisations, policy makers and other actors in the guidance field at all levels nationally and transnationally.