8) Working as a student.

From the age of + 15 you are allowed to work as a student. Some “dangerous” jobs are forbidden for “jobstudents”. You have to sign a contract with your employer before you start to work (3 copies: employer, student, labour inspectorate: within 7 days) AND as a jobstudent you have to receive a copy of the “labour regulations” and to sign for receipt (copy of this to the labour inspectorate)
There is a “trial period” of: min 7 days to max 14 days

How much do you earn ? A wage according to your function and your age as stipulated in the “collective labour agreements”, or factory agreements, ...

The employer has the duty to have a “labour-accident insurance”.
You pay a limited amount of “social security” under certain conditions

How to find a job ? most universities/highschool do have a “studentjobservice”.

If you are in trouble ? contact your studentjobservice / or social service, trade - union and labour -inspectorate

BUT: there are not so much jobs around !!!!!

Information from the Belgain National Social Security Office (in Dutch, French, German and English):
Wegwijs in de studentenarbeid (publication in Dutch)
Wegwijs in de studentenarbeid
Clés pour le travail des étudiants (publication in French)
Clés pour le travail des étudiants
More information from a trade-union (in Dutch and French only):
YOURJOB.BE - Site with information on and the rights of jobstudents