7) Cost of studying and tuiton fees/student finance/financial aid

VERY IMPORTANT: Applications and information on grants and scholarships should always be applied for through authorities in your OWN country:

- Your OWN Government: typically Ministries for Education
- Your OWN university: contact the international officer at your OWN university
- Official or private organisations in your OWN country
Do not forget to check about these !

Tuiton Fees:

- At universities and university colleges +/- 890 € (if you have a nationality which does not belong to the European higher education area: +/- 5.500€)
- For people from developing countries: 80€
- Always contact the choosen university or university college directly for more details as amounts can vary according to your situation!
- For some postgraduate courses: -> considerable higher !

If you have a “Mobility scholarship” (Erasmus+, ...): No tuiton fee, for you are registered at your home university.


There are several different types of grants available for foreign students who wish to study in Flanders, Belgium, more info can be found here:,-costs-grants

There are a limited number of other opportunities which can be found here:

Further information is also available here:

ERASMUS + Masters loan

EU: The Researcher's Mobility Portal - EURAXESS

Some study grants from:

- Study and training grants for students from developing countries: see the site of the DGDC - Belgain Development Cooperation for more information.
- In the Framework of bilateral cultural agreements, in this case you can also contact the the Belgain embassy in YOUR country for more information.
- In the Framework of International cultural exchange programmes.
- UNESCO, WHO, FAO, NATO, service clubs, ....
----------> contact your OWN national authorities (Ministry of Education, ...) !!!
Do not forget to check about these !