6) Cost of living, general price level

It is a good idea to open a bank account on arrival in Belgium (you will need your passport and a local Belgain adress to do this).
After you have opened your bank account, you can apply for a bank card (+/- 10€), which will be handy to do your shopping...
Especially the first month can be expensive: make sure you have enough money on arrival as you may have to pay a deposit for your room.

What does it cost to live and study in Flanders (1 month):

- Accomodation 300 – 400 €
- Food 200 €
- Books, public transport, outings, ... 150 €
TOTAL: 650 – 750 €/MONTH

Plus YEARLY Tuiton Fees:

- At universities and university colleges +/- 580 € (if you have a nationality which does not belong to the European higher education area: +/- 5.500€)
- For people from developing countries: 80€
- Always contact the choosen university or university college directly for more details as amounts can vary according to your situation!
- For some postgraduate courses: -> considerable higher !

And do not forget to take into account:

- tuiton fee for a language course
- travel expenses from and to your country
- insurance