Studying in Flanders with special needs!

LINK network

Learning Inclusively Network + Know-how (LINK) was established in 2008 to share knowledge, best practice and experience between umbrella organizations with the aim of
raising the quality of service for students with disabilities in each of its partner countries and contributing towards a more uniform approach to services across Europe.
LINK network

Study Abroad without Limits (SAWL)

Visit the study abroad without limits page where you can access the SAWL forum and ask questions to local moderators about studying with a disability in another European Country. Ask about access, supports etc.
Study Abroad without Limits (SAWL)

Study Abroad without Limits (SAWL) Forum

Study Abroad without Limits (SAWL) Forum

In Flanders: Steunpunt Inclusief Hoger Onderwijs (Support Center for Inclusive Higher Education)

SOHO: Support Center for Inclusive Higher Education

I did some research on wheel chair use in Flanders (and Belgium)... I'm not an expert in this matter... i tried to compile some relevant info as much as possible in English, but this is far from complete!
Understand what financial aid is available to people with disabilities through the state-funded welfare system...
Find out about facilities and organisations for people with disabilities or special learning needs in Belgium...
Information on travelling options for people with disabilities in Belgium. Find out how to apply for a 'blue badge' disability parking permit...
...offers simple and concise information regarding accessibility. More useful details and photos are available on the site with specific comments about each place visited by the team of AMT Concept.
With information brochure (PDF, download)

Public Transport
assistance made to measure (trains)

Bus The "Belbus"The "Belbus" is public transport on demand. These buses dont ride according to fixed routes or timetables. The Belbus stops only at certain points if this was asked for beforehand. Those belbuses are there for everyone. If you want to make use of a belbus which is accessible for special needs, you have to ask 2 hours beforehand with the belbus dispatching.

Is your mobility reduced because you are a wheelchair-user or for another valid reason, you can ask for a belbus stop right in front of your house.

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Mobility (study abroad) for people with special needs:

Conference in Belgium:


A consortium composed by UNICA, ESN, ErasmusHogeschool Brussel, University of Cyprus, Tallinn University of Technology, Eötvös Lorand University Budapest, Comenius University Bratislava set up a project that aims to enable students with disabilities to participate more fully in exchange programmes.

The idea is to stimulate the mobility of students with disabilities by organising site visits to the five European universities. The visits will be organised by the partner universities with the cooperation and involvement of the ‘ExchangeAbility Ambassadors’ (students with disabilities) from both welcoming and sending universities.