10) Dutch exams and Language courses in Flanders.

Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language

Profile language proficiency higher education - PTHO
For those who would like to study at a Dutch-speaking college of higher education or university.
Profile academic language proficiency - PAT
For those who have neared completion of their education in Dutch as a foreign language or for those who would like to teach Dutch as a foreign language. It is also for people who want to work in a Dutch-speaking academic environment, e.g. as a researcher.
More info at:
CNaVT Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language
CNaVT Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language information in English

Dutch Language courses

1. Dutch for foreign students in higher education (including summercourses):

Talencentrum UG (University of Ghent)

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 136

B-9000 Gent

Tel: +32/9/264.36.81

Fax: +32/9/264.41.92

Ghent University Language Centre

Instituut voor levende talen KUL (University of Leuven)

Vesaliusstraat, 21,

B-3000 Leuven

Tel: +32/16/32.56.60

Fax: +32/16/32.56.56

Instituut voor levende talen KUL

ACTo Academic Language Centre (University of Brussels)

Pleinlaan, 5,

B-1050 Brussels

Tel: +32/2/629.26.65

ACTo Academic Language Centre

Other universities and institutions for higher education organise also courses: contact the "service for international relations" at those universities and institutions for higher education.

2. Most evening schools in the greater cities organise Dutch courses for foreigners,

it only cost +/-0,25 € per hour, if you are unemployed it is free. They offer a good quality and inspection from the Flemish Departement for Education.

To know the adresses: contact your local CLB centre if you are already in Belgium.


list of evening schools in the greater cities organizing Dutch courses for foreigners

3. Dutch for foreign workers.

Is organised in different cities in Flanders: Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, S-Niklaas , Vilvoorde, Oostende… by the VDAB (Flemish employment agency)

For more information contact VDAB

Keizerslaan 11

B-1000 Brussels

VDAB-callcentre: 070 345 000


Tel: +32/2/506.15.11

Fax: +32/2/506.15.90

VDAB language courses

4. For those who are unable to attend formal classes, a number of self-study courses and texts .... are available from different sources:

Vanzelfsprekend & Niet-vanzelfsprekend
Multimedia self-studycourse
- Vanzelfsprekend: Lower intermediate level
- Niet vanzelfsprekend: Intermediate level
Available in bookshops in Belgium or online:

Go Dutch!
A language course on CD-ROM
Focuses more on the grammar and vocabulary needed to learn to speak fluent Dutch in everyday life.
Available in bookshops in Belgium and online:

Hoi Holland!
This serious game is your first step towards mastering the Dutch language. Hoi Holland! shows you how much fun it can be to learn Dutch!
Available at: googleplay.jpg and itunes.jpg

Courses available in the following specialised bookshops:

Books including cassettes: “Praatpaal” by anne Schoemakers published by Stanley Thornes
and: “Levend Nederlands” published by Cambridge University Press

‘Intertaal’ (this is really a bookshop specialising in all kind of language courses: a must !)

Intertaal Klantenservice
Bisschoppenhoflaan 383
2100 Deurne
Telefoon: (+32) (0)3 220 65 00
Fax: (+32) (0)3 226 81 86

Waterstone's (English bookshop in Brussels, they will be able to help you out)

Blv Adolphe Max 71-75
B-1000 Brussel
Tel: +32/2/219.27.08
Fax: +32/2/209.04.30
E-mail :