The history of the Euroguidance network

In 1992 the European Commission took the initiative to form a European Network of national resource and information centres for guidance, the NRCVGs´ (National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance) now called the Euroguidance network.

A reason for this was that guidance played and still plays a significant role in EU policies for education, training and employment. The provision of lifelong guidance is recognised as a prerequisite to make lifelong learning a reality for European citizens.

In January 1992, vocational guidance was one of the three strands of the PETRA programme (Action III). Three main types of activities were developed within the context of this action:
- The establishment of a network of National Guidance Resource Centres (NRCVG’, now called the Euroguidance network)
- Development projects which reflected themes of common interest, based on cooperation between three or more Centres
- The Transnational project for the training of counsellors, which was focused on European aspects of guidance.

From the beginning the NRCVG network consisted of 12 countries, but some of the candidate countries and EEA countries participated also in the work.

Between 1995 and 2006 the NRCVGs were funded in the Leonardo da Vinci programme. Under this 10-year period, the Euroguidance Network grew with three countries joining the EU in 1995, and in 2004 when 10 of the 12 candidate’s countries joined.

In 2007 EUROGUIDANCE became part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). Bulgaria and Romania joined the network in 2007.

Since 2014 EUROGUIDANCE is part of the ERASMUS+ programme.

The network includes centres in 37 countries: The member states of the EU + pre-accession countries.

The EUROGUIDANCE network developed or contributed to numerous projects, as an example we can mention:
The ONTHEMOVE projects: Step by step interactive guide for those considering to study abroad.
The ESTIA project: Information on professions, the labour market, social partners, sectors, employment services… in every member state.
PLOTEUS: "the Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space", about education and training available throughout Europe.

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